Creationists face a major problem: explaining the geographic distribution of species. Why does Australia have mostly marsupials and not mammals?

Creationists face a challenge in coming up with a convincing explanation of why Australia has these creatures: How did so many marsupials(and almost exclusively marsupials), manage to find their way to Australia? On top of that, how did it just so happen that one marsupial arrived for each and every ecological niche there was? An Evolutionist would simply explain that as marsupials evolving, from a common ancestor, to fill each and every ecological niche available.

So far, the only explanation that I have found about this is from "NW Creation". The author says that he thinks the placental and marsupial moles, for instance, are not examples of so called "Convergent Evolution" but are rather members of the same "kind".

This is good, because it means that evolution and creation make predictions that we can test. We can look at genetics and see if marsupial mammals are more closely related to one another, or if they are more closely related to their placental analogues. Let's look at the Australian wolf. It appears strikingly similar to North American wolves, yet it is a marsupial. DNA Tests have confirmed Australian Wolves to be more closely related to their fellow Marsupials rather than Placental Wolves.

So it looks like Evolutionary Theory is once again verified, and creationism is proven false.
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